Kyoshi Norm Beauchamp, Chief Instructor

Kyoshi Norm Beauchamp

Kyoshi Norm Beauchamp is an 8th degree black belt in CAN RYU Jiu-Jitsu. With over 45 years of martial arts experience, Kyoshi Norm is known around the world as a high energy, knowledgeable instructor with the ability to motivate anybody. In addition to his unique teaching abilities, Kyoshi Norm’s martial arts career includes a number of gold medals in international competitions for jiu-jitsu, point fighting and sport jiu-jitsu, where he earned the title of World Champion in the late 1990s.

Sensei Denis Harkness

Sensei Denis Harkness is a 2nd degree black belt, has been a member of Therien Jiu-Jitsu for nearly 10 years and is an elite jiu-jitsu instructor. His high intensity classes coupled with a positive, detailed approach to teaching successfully leads students through the ranks to black belt.

Sensei Thomas Buckle

Sensei Thomas Buckle is a first degree black belt and has been training for 10 year. In that time, he has competed in a number of competitions in grappling, sport jiu-jitsu and self-defence, and has represented Therien Jiu-Jitsu at conventions around the world, including Athens, Greece. Sensei Thomas’s ability to teach children and gain their attention is second-to-none.

Sensei Mika Harkness

Sensei Mika Harkness is first degree black belt and one of Kyoshi Norm’s youngest students to achieve a black belt. Having joined a young age, he’s had the opportunity to compete (and regularly wins) in a number of competitions, particularly in self-defence. Sensei Mika brings an upbeat energy to the class that immediately brings out the best in all students.

Sensei Pierre Leroux

Sensei Pierre Leroux obtained his 1st degree black belt in 1992. After 25 years of “taking a break”, Pierre recently returned to his passion. Sensei Pierre’s thoughts on jiu-jitsu:

One of the few regrets I have in life was to stop training. When I heard a Therien School was opening in Russell, I knew I had to return. Every accomplishment I’ve had in life from being a small business owner of nearly twenty years to being elected Mayor, I contribute to the patience, dedication and discipline I learned from doing martial arts. Having Kyoshi Norm Beauchamp (a world-renowned instructor) teaching in my own community is a benefit for our residents. I’m happy to help and learn.”